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Experience the unparalleled flavors, resulting from the use of the highest quality natural ingredients and unique combinations.




We exclusively use authentic, premium, and natural ingredients - from Sicilian pistachios, Madagascar vanilla, genuine Belgian chocolate to fresh fruits and berries, without unnecessary additives.




Our ice-creams, whether cream-based or sorbet, deliver an authentic ice-cream experience by blending tradition and innovation. Made with less raw sugar, our creations are a testament to true ice-cream craftsmanship.

We use “Koukaki Farm” milk and authentic Mascarpone.

We make our sorbets

from real fruits and berries.

Ice Cream Instagram 01.webp

§ Real Pistachio

Ice cream made from the most aromatic and delicious Sicilian pistachios from the Bronte (DOP) region.

§ Real Madagascar Vanilla

The queen of spices, vanille de Bourbon, gives a delicate vanilla flower flavor.

Ice Cream Instagram 04.webp
Madagascar Vanilla
Ice Cream Instagram 05.webp

§ Real Double Cappuccino

A cup of real espresso with frothed milk. We froze a glass of cappuccino.

Double Cappuccino

§ Real Coffee & Chocolate

The best Belgian chocolate in the world, combined with a bit of real espresso.

Ice Cream Instagram 07.webp
Coffee & Chocolate
Ice Cream Instagram 10.webp

§ Real Raspberry & Strawberry

From raspberries, strawberries, and wild forest strawberries for unparalleled taste and aroma.

Raspberry & Strawberry

§ Real Mango & Passion Fruit

Alfonso from India, the flavor standard for mangos, combined with a little passion fruit juice for the perfect blend.

Ice Cream Instagram 11.webp
Mango & Passion Fruit
Ice Cream Instagram 14.webp

§ Real Raspberry & Mint

Crushed fresh raspberries combine wonderfully with fresh garden mint in our unique ice cream!

Raspberry & Mint

§ Real Pineapple & Yuzu

The Supercitrus Yuzu tastes like a flower along with ripe pineapple juice, we get an exceptional bouquet!

Ice Cream Instagram 15.webp
Pineapple & Yuzu
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